The 22 MXZ has become Europe's ultimate Tournament Wakeboard Machine, used at National Competitions throughout Europe. The custom wake designed hull maximizes wakes, combined with over 2,000kgs of maximum ballast and the latest generation hydraulic Power Wedge III hydrofoil creates perfect wakes for groms to pros. Every set finishes with the biggest smile you have ever seen!

The striking pickle fork designed 22 MXZ makes a bold statement and creates a real presence, allowing those fortunate to be on-board to stretch out up front with options to sit facing forward or backwards, guaranteeing you will not miss the action.

For those looking to surf the 22 MXZ our engineers have tailored our patented Surf Gate to the hull design for even larger waves. You can rock the boat and the water with music from new, more powerful architecturally tuned audio system by wet sounds.  

Total control is created through a tap of your finger on one of the dual touch-screens forming our Command Center, from here you finely tune Malibu's ISP, consisting of Quad Hard-Tank Ballast system, Power Wedge III our third Generation patented hydrofoil.

For the last word in wake and wave control, the Malibu ISP puts it right in the surfer’s hands with the patented Surf Band wrist remote. Easily transfer with the use of Surf Band, as well as audio and visual signaling.

Length (excl. Platform) 21'11" / 6.68 m
Length (incl. Swim Platform) 24'9" / 7.56 m
Beam 102" / 2.59 m
Weight 4,850 lbs / 2,200 kgs
Draft 27" / 0.69 m
Standard Ballast 1,360 lbs / 617 kgs
Maximum Ballast 4,450 lbs / 2,018 kgs
Optional Bow Ballast 350 lbs / 158 kgs
Optional Plug'n'Play 1,100 lbs / 499 kgs
Optional Power Wedge II 1,500 lbs / 680 kgs
Hull Type Wake Plus
Fuel Capacity 182 ltrs
Maximum People 15

Amazing agility

Malibu Command Center

Seating for 15

Wake Plus Hull

Folding Bow Ladder

MaxBallast L-Shaped Tanks

Rear-facing WakeView bench seat (optional)

G3.5 Tower

Plug 'n' Play Ballast (optional)

Integrated Surf Package (optional)

Surf Gate

Surf Band

Power Wedge III

Quad Hard Tank Ballast

Maurus Zwicker


"Most important for me is a good wake with a nice long transition exactly like my 22MXZ provides. I also like the good quality and how user friendly these boats are." 

Maurus Zwicker Pro Rider


Malibu's Wakesetter 22 MXZ produces large and consistent surf waves.

Looks don’t always tell the whole story. Sure, the Wakesetter 22 MXZ has the signature pickle-fork hull shape that Malibu made famous with its wakeboats. Only the 22 MXZ had a hull redesign for 2017 that, combined with the Integrated Surf Platform technologies, helps it produce even larger and more consistent surf waves. The most notable thing about these waves is how much power and body they had. The waves behind this boat were heavy and substantial. They weren’t quite as long as the waves behind the VLX line, but they still had a really big pocket and enough power to play around farther back. Another thing you’ll notice once behind this boat is how tall the wave is. This boat isn’t huge by any stretch, but it produces a monstrous wave that is comparable to much larger models.

As with the entire 2017 Malibu Wakesetter line, the 22 MXZ features the Surf Band so you can control the wave’s shape and size, switch sides, and adjust speed, all right from your board. This wave is truly versatile and can be customized to accommodate riders of all skill levels, from beginner to pro, so crew members of different abilities can enjoy the same session without too much effort required to change it up.

The seating aboard the 22 MXZ is as outsized as the wake is, with enough room for 15 people. That means no one has to be left behind. The seats are plush in both the bow and main cockpit area, where a rear-facing backrest to port provides the perfect area for a spotter. Malibu offers cutting-edge color schemes that will look cool to even the most jaded millennial in the family.

Performance? While this boat is designed to shine at 10 to 12 mph for surfing or 20 to 22 mph for wakeboarding, it is capable of a top speed exceeding 37 mph, fast enough to get out first in the morning and home before last light. The most economical cruise speed from our test data is 25.9 mph getting 2.88 mpg. At that speed, the boat’s range is 124 miles. At 3,000 rpm, closer to surf speed, the boat burns 6.3 gph to achieve 1.83 mpg.

High Points
* 12- and 7-inch touchscreen displays give the driver fingertip control of the boat’s functions.
* Integrated Surf Platform technologies include Surf Gate, Power Wedge and Surf Band.
* Pickle-fork design creates wide-open bow seating for the crowd, adding to the boat’s overall seating.


WaterSki Mag

Redesigned for this year, the Wakesetter 22 MXZ remains one of the top performers in the Malibu lineup. Designed for the person who wants a boat to have some of the best wakes in the industry, it’s also for someone who likes the bold styling lines we know from the MXZ line.

The MXZ has a ton of innovative tech to offer that seamlessly integrates with those awesome wakes and waves.

The command center in this boat has a center 12-inch touchscreen along with a smaller auxiliary touchscreen to the right of the steering wheel with more in-depth controls. One of our favorite pieces to this helm puzzle is the control dial that goes through the functions you use the most when driving. Speed, stereo, Surf Gate and the Auto Wedge all can be adjusted without looking down.

This boat is absolutely designed for the die-hard wakeboarder, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t do all the other things you’d want to on the water. It’s packed with a ton of features, modern styling and aggressive lines, all created to have the most fun you’d ever want.

Water Ski Magazine

WaterSki Mag

The Wakesetter 22 MXZ will satisfy pro-level crews that skew toward wakeboarding but still want to surf recreationally.

The Malibu Wakesetter 22 MXZ is the boat that started it all for Malibu in the wide-bow market because it does everything a Malibu should, but it has the progressive look that many buyers crave. This boat will satisfy pro-level crews that skew toward wakeboarding but still want to surf recreationally.

The dash was redesigned last year and includes a 12-inch center screen that has all your main functions, as well as an auxiliary screen that’s 7 inches and contains deeper features not seen on other brands. Opt for the Sport Package and you get a phone holder as well as a rotary dial that gives you analog redundancy on speed, wake-shaping audio and more. The Power Wedge helps you get on plane quicker, adds size to the wake, and controls the running attitude. Surf Gate lets you make a wave without moving all your weight to the side and has a horn system that tells you when it’s going to switch. New for this year, there’s Surf Band, which lets you control the wake-shaping, side and speed while you surf. Up above, the G4 tower takes pride of place. The interior is all honeycomb so it doesn’t move under strain, the wiring is hidden, and it collapses without the help of a small army.

Water Ski Magazine (2016)

WaterSki Mag

The Wakesetter 22 VLX is a revamp of one of the best-selling hulls in the history of inboard boats.

Malibu’s Wakesetter 22 VLX is a revamp of one of the best-selling hulls in the history of inboard boats. This boat is great for just about anyone out there wanting to wakeboard and surf in an ideal size class that has every modern luxury available.

The 22 VLX is an instant classic because it takes the best parts of the old 21 VLX and adds a little more length and a lot more features. Aesthetically, this boat has always looked amazing and it’s no different after the redesign. The classic traditional bow looks sleek on the water, and it doesn’t matter whether you pick the G3 or G4 tower, they both complement the look of this stylish and high-performing boat. One of the biggest changes with the redesign is the new dash. A center 12-inch touchscreen has your main functions, and the 7-inch secondary screen lets you tweak things, like your backlight brightness and throttle sensitivity. Surf Gate is an option on the 22 VLX and boasts a quick wave switch, a horn system that tells you when it’s going to transfer, and, new for 2016, it has the Surf Band, which you wear around your wrist to dial in the wave without shouting at the driver. Control the speed, side, and the wave’s shape with the Power Wedge.
Water Ski Magazine



The size and shape of the Wake is always huge and clean, and the boat is just the right size. Plus the new Power Wedge II is amazing. Drop it and fill the ballast systems and you're set for a ride like no other. I just love the way the 22 MXZ handles anything you want to do.